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Software Audit

In order to prepare for a sustainable growth, run an independent software audit to bring visibility into the quality and scalability of your software product.

Why Do Software Audit?

Evaluate Your Codebase

An evaluation of our codebase can help you avoid potential risks of missing out on optimisation opportunities or roadblocks that can cause double work. Put it simply - bottleneck prevention.

Prepare to Scale

Every hour of code auditing is an investment that helps save time for maintenance. This is extremely important when merging products or acquiring new software systems.

Build a Roadmap For the Future

Post-evaluation, we’ll work with you to create a solid framework for the future of your software operations, and we’ll follow up so we can be confident of your success.


Step 1

We define your business goals, discuss the scope and timeline for your code review.

Step 2

We evaluate your app and how it is serving your business needs and goals. We will run a diagnostics for the following:


Database & data model

Code quality

Integration layer


Testing artefacts

Step 3
Findings and implementation plan

We discuss and present our findings. Once we identify risk areas, we produce recommendations and we’ll work with you to create a solid roadmap for the future of your software operations.


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