MainHive is a next-generation cloud IoT platform mainly focusing on bringing extensive monitoring, analytics, automated billing, and customised alerts for the clients’ devices fleet.


Background story

The project was dedicated to Lithuanian environment. The team decided to scale it to a global product, and that's how Mainhive was born.

The platform provides a B2B service for managing a large number of devices (called a "device farm"), which is used by big businesses. The platform offers different packages for device management based on the device model, including billing, alerts, groupings, and user policy management.

The main markets for the platform are Denmark and the USA. The platform includes business intelligence dashboards and supports various types of devices, such as water heaters, CO2 sensors, and electricity meters.

The platform is designed to support smart cities in the future. The platform was built from scratch over a period of 2 years and is fully serverless, using cloud functions on AWS.

The platform is based on domain-driven design principles. CCT has been a part of this product development from the first code lines. The development team started with 2 people and grew through team augmentation.

There is no one-stop solution to monitor and unify data provided by multiple IoT meters.(water heat electricity temperature co2)
Aggregating data from smart meters and displaying to the users using PowerBI dashboards with the help of AWS microservices.

Key features

Manufacturer agnostic. The system is capable of adapting to most meters created by different manufacturers. Data is parsed to the same format, which can be worked on by our data scientists and displayed in our interactive dashboards.

AI-powered business intelligence by Microsoft. The system is capable of learning from past data to provide predictions for the future. The system supports the client's native language.

The system is flexible and can be configured depending on client needs and the organization/user using it. The system is elastic and capable of scaling on demand and needs at hand.

Most important data in one screen:
  • - Daily consumption
  • - Consumption history
  • - Device Maintenance
  • - Alarmsa
Customizable alerts
Set-up alerts for maximum efficiency:
  • - Customize your conditions for alerts
  • - Set up conditions according to seasonality
  • - Set up alert rules for specific devices or groups
Map View
Resource and status monitoring on the map:
  • - Monitor resource status based on geolocation
  • - Identify alerts on specific locations
  • - Analyze alert and usage dynamics
Meter event report:
Meter events overview report
Consumption report:
Consumption data of the selected object, period or meter
Balancing report:
Introductory and individual meters consumption comparison report for Non-Revenue-Water detection.
Automated billing
Automate your billing from day one:
  • - Customizable billing file structure
  • - API Integration with 3rd party ERP platforms
  • - Flexible file generation condition set-up
Device management
Manage your devices effectively:
  • - Bulk import devices and objects
  • - Manage object and devices
  • - Set up device maintenance periods


Corner Case Technologies and MainHive Business Technology, has transformed the IoT landscape. With versatile integration across device manufacturers, AI-powered predictive insights, and scalable serverless architecture, MainHive's global impact spans real-time monitoring, streamlined operations. The platform's PowerBI dashboards offer interactive analytics, while its smart city focus and enhanced collaboration underline its significance. This project exemplifies IoT evolution, empowering businesses with efficiency, insights, and effective resource management.


Configuring and optimizing business intelligence solution PowerBi.Implementing end-to-end testing of our main flows with and monitoring availability through CI/CD.

Handling complex business logic and transforming that to an accessible UI for the user. Data management and optimisations for performant FE. Support for 12 different languages.

Implementing dynamic configurations to adapt our FE to different organization needs.Custom organization AND user role based access to the functionality.


Development: delivering scalable functionality in the independent microservice architecture.

Also supporting multiple device integrations and protocols is a huge technical challenge.

Data engineering: managing big data volumes. Operations: logging, measuring, alerting, proactive issue detection.

Technologies and tools

React router
react hook form
Tan stack query
Power BI
AWS Lambda
AWS Aurora
Dynamo db
Apache spark

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