Splint Invest

Splint is a platform that enables you to buy digital shares in alternative investments. We want to make this type of investment accessible to a broader audience. Because until now, it’s mainly wealthy people who can afford to invest in things like barrels of whiskey or luxury watches. You can buy Splints starting from as little as €50.


Background story

Retail investors are looking for financial freedom and portfolio diversification but cannot access attractive and reliable alternative assets easily and corresponding with their portfolio size. Splint invest decided to fill in this gap by creating a product that allows retail investors buy and trade tokens of alternative assets, starting with 50 eur.

The unique approach using data and artificial intelligence to screen and select investment assets allows Splint Invest to optimize the return for the customers. Additionally the processes are fully automated. Like this, Splint Invest can offer the services at significantly lower cost compared to other platforms. The app has been available in app stores since November 2021.

SCRUM Team, Roles and Responsibilities

The client was looking for a reliable technology partner to deliver the MVP version and possibly continue with further development. The products include an app for investors and a platform for suppliers. Splint Invest came to us with a very clear vision of what they want to achieve during defined. We shared the responsibilities in the following way:

Splint team provided
Product owners
Product owners
User Acceptance Testing
Architecture requirements
Quality Standards
Code Reviews
Project management
SCRUM Planning
Weekly reviews
Quarterly planning
CCT team provided
Wireframe design
UI Design
User Testing
Delivery and documentation (pre go-live)
Bug fixing (post-go live)
Operational structures and documentation (pre go-live)
Availability (24/7) and maintenance (post go-live)
Scrum (2-week iterations)
Continuous integration
Continuous delivery
Automated testing
Infrastructure-as-code for dev, testing, staging and prod
DevOps (whenever there is active delivery)
App: your recommended multi-platform technology
Backend: your recommended rapid prototyping technology
Infrastructure-as-code: Docker, ARM Templates

Key product features

After launching the MVP version of the product and testing real users, we kept working on product UX and feature improvements. Key product components include:


Logging in using your social media accounts has become a convenient and efficient way to access various platforms and services. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly connect to a multitude of websites and apps, eliminating the hassle of creating new accounts and remembering multiple usernames and passwords


In order to participate in investment activities, a user has to undergo a KYC process. The client chose to use Onfido integration, a technology that allows Splint Invest to verify users’ identity using a photo based identity document, a selfie and AI algorithms, making the process extremely easy and fast.

Explore page

Users can find investment opportunities across a range of different categories including wine, whiskey, watches and many more. Individual investment page presents extensive information about the investment, including the investment case, maintenance and cost, related documents and other details - everything an investor needs to know in order to make a decision.

Explore page
Card payments

A user is able to add a new card, top up Splint account and use the balance for Splint purchases. The balance can also be easily withdrawn using your IBAN.

Card payments

Provides the investment summary and lets users track their investments by category, their performance and market value.


Post MVP development highlights

Splint Invest team after introducing the app to the market, continued with further developments:

Blog feature
In-app wallet
Loyalty program development
UX improvements and development that resulted in user conversion rate increase

Technologies and tools

Rest framework
React native
Tan stack query

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