We believe that culture comes from people. And we offer opportunities, not just jobs. Growth and change is one of our key, most felt values in our culture.


How we came to be

Founded in 2016 and today 100+ projects under our belt, we know how to maximize business value and ensure sustainability with custom technical solutions.

Today, Corner Case Technologies team consists of more than 50 creators and thinkers, designers, developers, world travelers, cat lovers, dreamers and genuinely nice people.

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Our values

At our company, we value the health and well-being of our people. We encourage self-development and offer workations to support work-life balance. Our commitment to our employees growth ensures lasting success.


Healthy body, healthy soul! We offer a health insurance to help you make sure everything is in the right order.


Feel like travelling? Job shouldn’t stop you from exploring the world and getting a darker shade of tan ;)


We’re a bunch of friendly and passionate people. We love what we do, we regularly meet after work, go get beers, burgers and have some fun together.

Self development

Pumping up your professional skills is great, we love that. But how about the rest? We invite guest speakers in fields to fulfill your curiosity in any topic!


Our hiring process

Our hiring process is designed to foster meaningful connections between candidates and employers. Discover mutual compatibility effortlessly, ensuring a perfect fit for both parties involved.


Show us who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how good you are at what you do.

Meet HR

Your chance to get to know us and our chance to get to know you — we’ll check your vibe and talk about all things you.

Meet the Manager

Meet the decision-maker — learn more about the specifics of your position, tasks, and team. Will it be a match?

Testing time

Come in for a test day, or do a test task — it all depends on the position you’re going for. Test out your future role and see if it’s something you want.


You think about us, we think about you, and if it’s a match, we’ll roll out the red carpet to welcome you onboard. Literally.

Perks and benefits

At our company, we prioritize your journey by providing growth opportunities, cutting-edge technology access, and a focus on well-being. Our comfortable work environment further nurtures collaboration, ensuring you thrive personally and professionally.

Opportunities for Career Growth
At our company, we offer a plethora of learning opportunities to transform your experiences into a fulfilling career journey.
Cutting-Edge Technology
Stay at the forefront of innovation with access to the latest technology, software, and gadgets, ensuring your workday is seamless and efficient.
Exploring the Tech World
Experience the global perspective by attending the most famous tech conferences and business trips spanning all over the world.
Comfortable Work Environment
Enjoy the convenience of hybrid work option, with office located in the vibrant city of Kaunas. Additionally, embrace the freedom to travel the world while continuing to work.
Building a Strong Team
We foster a sense of camaraderie through various activities, such as regular internal events, team buildings and workation trips.
Your well-being is essential to us. That's why we offer private health insurance and a range of mental and physical well-being benefits to keep you feeling fresh and focused.
Office Perks
Our office amenities include a fully stocked kitchen, a variety of snacks and drinks, and amazing office made food tasting events every month.
Celebrating Milestones
We value your dedication, marking special occasions and acknowledging your tenure with extra vacation days and thoughtful gifts.