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Since company’s inception, CCT has been guiding businesses toward more effective services and products with tailored software solutions.

As a software development company, we see our mission in helping companies across industries create optimal digital environments aligned with their technical capacities, business requirements, clients’ needs, and customers’ expectations

Team sharing ideas

Consultation session

Consultation session is a meeting between you (i.e. our client) and our team of experts. We go through all aspects of your project and evaluate technical feasibility. We always strive to fully understand the business rationale of the project and it helps to produce a general management plan for development delivery. Scoping will help you to plan your budget and make sure that it’s the direction you really want to go. The more thoroughly you plan the process firsthand, the less complications you encounter later on down the line.

Sofware implementation strategy

Before crafting your action plan, we will help you create Business Objective Model and define epics and major user stories for your product. We will go through your enhanced business concept and develop accurate user personas.

Our scoping session services will enable us to create a realistic estimation of the costs and timeframes of your project. Our industry expertise ensures that you will get the most accurate values.

We help you craft a custom roadmap for developing your business vision and make sure your project is technically outstanding.

Technology advisory services

CCT software consultants assist our customers in selecting the right technology stacks for their solutions. Be it a programming language or a ready-to-use platform, we help businesses review technologies’ pros and cons before starting their projects. You will finish the session with a solid development plan and expert recommendations.

Scoping sessions enable you to evaluate your business vision with our specialists. We will help you review your idea and choose the most suitable technical solutions. We will provide you with insights and valuable expert feedback.

Third service provider selection

When companies have doubts choosing the service provider for their challenges, we provide business solution consulting. Together, we decide on the provider to implement so it solves the business problem from the functional standpoint.

Our consultation success

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