Product reengineering

Staying competitive and relevant in the market for some businesses means reimagining legacy systems.

Working together

We can help you solve the following problems:

  • Dependency on legacy tools
  • Obsolete features and outdated platforms
  • Incompatible codes
  • Poor user experience

What we do

  • 1.
    Assessment and Requirements
    We will firstly assess the existing product inside-out and learn about your business goals that need to be addressed and run a code review.
  • 2.
    Technology Research and Evaluation
    We scope your requirements, budget and timeline, our team will design and test robust application re-engineering solutions with your current legacy setup. Together with a client we discuss and evaluate which updates and adjustments would add the most value.
  • 3.
    Full Transparency
    Just like with other software development projects, we will deploy, configure and launch your re-engineered solution to your environment: on-premise, via the Cloud, or through Android/iOS app store for Mobile apps. We also offer after deployment support.

Our consultation success

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