Product re-engineering

Staying competitive and relevant in the market for some businesses means reimagining legacy systems.

We can help you solve the following problems:

Dependency on legacy tools

Obsolete features and outdated platforms

Incompatible codes

Poor user experience

What we do

Assessment and requirements

We will firstly assess the existing product inside-out and learn about your business goals that need to be addressed and run a code review.

Technology research and evaluation

We scope your requirements, budget and timeline, our team will design and test robust application re-engineering solutions with your current legacy setup. Together with a client we discuss and evaluate which updates and adjustments would add the most value.

Implementation and launch

Just like with other software development projects, we will deploy, configure and launch your re-engineered solution to your environment: on-premise, via the Cloud, or through Android/iOS app store for Mobile apps. We also offer after deployment support.

Our Success Story

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