Corner Case Technologies invites you to create new, innovative digital products and take advantage of EU support by covering 50% of prototype development costs!

CCT will help you:

  • Validate your idea (a team of IT and marketing experts will perform a FREE business and technological audit of your current idea or a product and will provide recommendations)

  • Consult on marketing, product development, design, and other vital issues.

  • Create a functioning system prototype and will help cover 50% of prototype development costs.

Why should you choose CCT?

  • Corner Case Technologies are the market leader in IT services in Lithuania, helping representatives from various industries co-innovate their desired industry.

  • Extensive experience in developing digital products (over 100 projects)

  • A competent product development team composed of experienced programmers, project managers, designers, business analysts, and testers

  • Work with the latest, most advanced technologies.

  • Clients can focus on business development while CCT will handle the technical product development part.

  • CCT pays excellent attention to quality, works according to best practices, and adheres to standardized processes

What do we need from you?

  • Have an interesting idea and ambition to create a startup

  • Have a company registered in Lithuania

  • Have a small or medium-sized business status

  • Have some unused resources

We collaborate with ambitious brands and people. Let's get in touch.

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