STAGE is a unique support mechanism, co-funded by the European Commission, helping enterprises with sustainability reporting and investment readiness.

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About the project

UAB “Corner Case Technologies” is a partner in the development of a project “STAGE” - Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise. The aim of this project is - to shape a new wave of sustainable economic growth. The European Commission is co-funding the STAGE project.

Over the course of the project's lifespan, the STAGE project will be built into an ecosystem for sustainable transition, train sustainability advisors, and offer high-quality sustainability transition services to at least 2,000 industrial SMEs in Europe, transforming them into competitive, environmentally friendly, and sustainable leaders. A platform will be developed by Corner Case Technologies as part of the program to enable supply chain and support, training and support systems for SMEs, and to make industry player collaboration more effective.

It emphasizes the development of new products, automation of production, the circular economy, and sustainable financing. The objectives of all the initiatives is to turn European industrial SMEs into globally renowned, entrepreneurial, and environmentally sustainable businesses.

Title of the project: “STAGE” – Sustainable Transition to the Agile and Green Enterprise

Funding source: European Union's Horizon programme (No: 101058693).

Total project budget – 4 999 880 Eur

Start of the project – 1st June 2022

End of the project – 1st June 2025

Project duration – 36 months

Project website –

Project partners

  • Corner Case Technologies (LT)
  • Lithuanian Innovation Centre (LT)
  • Institute of Entrepreneurship Development (EL)
  • GND Advisory (LT)
  • GND Technology (LT)
  • Innovation Network of Advanced Materials (DE)
  • SINTEF Manufacturing (NO)
  • Factor CO2 (ES)
  • High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (UK)
  • University of Ljubljana (SI)
  • University College Dublin (IE)
  • Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BG)
  • Warsaw University of Technology (PL)
  • Slovak University of Technology (SK)