The SEIFA project is an initiative co-funded by the European Commission with the aim to increase sustainable energy investments in the CEE region-based industrial companies.

Team working together

About the project

UAB “Corner Case Technologies” is a partner in the development of a project “SEIFA” - Sustainable Energy Investing and Financing Activation. Project creates incentives to increase private equity investments in decarbonizing the industrial built environment.

The project aims to establish an investment platform for supporting sustainable and industrial energy companies. The European Commission supports the launch of the Investment Fund focused on sustainable energy for industrial companies, intending to create net-zero carbon emissions and a fully ESG-compliant portfolio.

Implementation of this project will create a long-term value for sustainable energy-related industrial assets through sustainable finance solutions responding to long-term financial needs such as an accelerated process of the sustainable transition in reducing greenhouse gas emissions; accelerated growth; increased competitiveness and added customer value; and continuous financial and operational performance support.

Main benefits of the SEIFA project

Experienced service providers in each Sustainable Energy Investment Fund (SEIF) covered country will add significant value to the investable projects. Moreover, throughout their lifetime, they will be periodically evaluated regarding their development goals and sustainability targets. Also, the initiative will support investees in the transition towards a low-carbon economy and implementation of more sustainable environmental, social, and governance practices.

This is done via quarterly due diligence and sustainability assessments within the toolkit. In addition, the fund performs continuous performance valuation and goals reporting, which helps develop sustainable transition and operational value creation plans. SEIF investment allows at least 200 GWh/year of primary energy savings generating a 200,000 tCO2-eq/year reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Furthermore, no less than 2500 GWh/year with at least 2,500,000 tCO2-eq/year emission reduction within 5 years after the project’s end.

Title of the project - “SEIFA” – The Sustainable Energy Investing and Financing Activation

Funding source - European Union’s Horizon programme.

Total project budget – 1 499 841 Eur

Start of the project – 1st June 2021

End of the project – 30 November 2023

Project duration – 30 months

Project website –

Project partners

  • Corner Case Technologies (LT)
  • Pedal Consulting SRO (SK)
  • GND Advisory (LT)
  • Associazione Italiana degli investitori informali in rete / Italian business angels network association (IT)
  • Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BG)
  • CIVITTA Eesti AS (EE)
  • CIVITTA Latvija (LV)
  • CIVITTA Polska SP. Z O.O. (PL)
  • Particula group drustvo s ogranicenom odgovornoscu za istrazivanje razvoj i proizvodnju (HR)