System Akvile

System Akvile is a holistic skin health app for adult acne prone skin. It combines all the tools you need in one place! They offer a customized 6 week skin program to follow expert-led approaches, track your results and identify what works for your acne prone skin! The client turned to us with specific problems, we rolled our sleeves up to solve them.


Product development

When we started conversations with System Akvile, they already had well-thought-through flows and know-how which we inherited/adopted from the team (including routine concepts, statistics, user questionnaires, etc). With growing user base, new needs and requirements arose.

First phase

In the first development phase, we tackled the growing need to adapt content to different user groups, show users what is relevant/custom based on where they are at in the acne treatment journey.

What we did:
  • Re-engineered backend and created dual environments
  • Created CMS with rule engine - allowing to configure content and elements and dynamically display it based on user preferences/ events/timelines/settings/profile - enabling customized experience
  • Video support in app (educational purposes)
In addition to content adaptation, more work has been done to improve overall user experience:
  • Improved Onboarding questionnaire
  • Shop - user can buy in app without leaving the app (using web view we load Shopify) - improved user experience
  • Social logins - facebook, google, apple id
  • Improved dashboard
  • Improved navigation
Skincare routine video demonstration
Second phase
In the second development phase Image recognition was introduced to ensure a seamless experience.

We have introduced a new advanced face scan, and integrated AI engine powered by This innovative face scan allows users to take care of their skin in a very easy and modern way – simply by taking a selfie. Users get a personalized and accurate analysis of their skin condition. Face scan enables data analysis which is then presented in an easily understandable way - charts and visuals to track progress and keep engaged.

Product face scan feature demonstration


The development phase involved several fun challenges that the CCT team engaged in, they are presented below:

Rule Engine

Rule engine - the requirement to allow the CMS admin to define the groups of users to be able to see particular articles and/or article categories by selecting the viewers group from a long set of attributes like age, lifestyle, gender etc. became a challenge on its own. The solution to accommodate this dynamic content change required for a deep analysis on the app architecture, coding in reasonably complicated query constructs (many OR’s, AND’s and relations between the rules), django signals.

Scheduled Notifications

Another challenging part was around scheduled notifications. App users needed to be able to set up their notifications in the app to be reminded of actions they needed to take to ensure they succeed in the treatment program. This was not supported by lib by default creating a corner case to solve. There were several types of notifications:

  • setting the exact time for weekdays and exact time for weekends, and
  • setting the timings for when notification should arrive
User Migration

All users had to be migrated to a new app, with the ability to quickly access and try out a newly designed and released application. The migration was initiated in order to ensure the highest level of security, thus their passwords were automatically reset. Existing users were informed about the new application with instructions on downloading and password reset.

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