The ultimate travel companion app that offers a unique blend of local expertise and flexibility for a truly immersive experience. With a vast global network of local storytellers, Globetrott provides captivating and high-quality content that lets you delve into a city's hidden gems and captivating narratives.


Product development

The product encountered interesting challenges during its development phase while striving to create a cross-platform solution. Overcoming these hurdles required innovative solutions and extensive collaboration among the development team.

Letting Locals Guide You

GlobeTrott's tours are crafted by local experts, including journalists, tour guides, and artists. These experts are enthusiastic about showcasing the best aspects of their city and sharing captivating stories about their hometown.

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Immersive Audio Content

We strive to deliver an experience that feels like you're being personally guided by a knowledgeable local. All audio content plays instantly when you arrive at the designated tour sites, triggered by location information.

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Seamless and Contactless Experience

With GlobeTrott, you're in control of your tour. There are no fixed schedules, large crowds, or devices handled by others. All you need is your phone, an internet connection, and preferably headphones to enjoy the GlobeTrott tours.

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Potential User Challenges

Travelers often struggle with finding authentic local experiences in unfamiliar places. Additionally, navigating language barriers and sifting through overwhelming amounts of information pose significant challenges to fully enjoying their journeys.

Travelers Challenge:

The number of independent travelers planning and arranging their trips has been steadily increasing. Travel blogs with strong SEO have become the primary information source for planning itineraries. However, this trend brings forth two issues:

  • Travelers often follow the same paths as others and miss out on hidden local treasures.
  • While they plan itineraries, they lack immediate digital access to information about the attractions they intend to visit.
  • A significant amount of time is spent identifying points of interest, followed by additional planning to determine the order of visits.

GlobeTrott Solution:

GlobeTrott has developed a proprietary technology that generates personalized itineraries in less than a minute. These itineraries are tailored to travelers interests, starting and ending locations, and available time.

This technology incorporates content personalization that takes into account location and time constraints.A digital platform has been created where travelers can access insights from locals through self-guided tours and a list of recommended attractions within the mobile app.

Additionally, articles on the website offer more information. An admin panel and content creator panel were developed to manage this content, ensuring a smooth content management system.

Product Identity

GlobeTrott Travel serves as your knowledgeable companion in any city you explore. Key Product Features:

  • Personalization
  • Audio Tours
  • Offline Download
  • Proximity Auto-Play
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • In-App Purchase Integration (AppStore and Google Play)
  • Mapping
  • Location Tracking
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Project challenges

Challenges included designing logic for personalized site selection, enhancing personalization flows for logical results, and presenting it attractively in the UI/UX. Making the system work both online and offline was also a significant achievement. Improvements were made to the admin and content creator panels to ensure the content submitted by authors could be efficiently published by administrators, while providing a user-friendly environment for newcomers.

Technologies and tools

Rest framework
React native
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