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About us

Corner Case Technologies is a fast-growing technology company. We work with a number of startups and established businesses by providing technical and business expertise. We design truly loved experiences, build scalable apps and platforms.

When it comes to our services, we work in two parallel directions:

  • Consult clients and provide professional technological solutions
  • Act as a technical co-founder and bring the experienced team onboard


Corner Case Technologies brings a competitive advantage across multiple areas. We have been recognised by market leaders in Telecommunications, Recruitment & Retail industries.

Software Systems

Intelligent software development solutions for every stage of your project.

Mobile apps

Advanced mobile solutions that bridge the technology between various devices.


Building bridges between the vision and functional requirements for every single button.

Web Development

Custom-built web experiences to meet your enterprise needs.

Case studies




We are always on the lookout for new talents to join our team. Outstanding charisma, years of experience and confident performance.


It is never too early to start a conversation. Do you have a new project or business issue to discuss?
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