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Jopwell is a diversity hiring platform that helps companies connect with and recruit underrepresented diverse candidates for jobs and internships.


About Jopwell

Founded in July 2014 by Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams, Jopwell is a tech-enabled platform that helps companies target, connect with, and recruit diverse candidates for internships, entry-level positions, and experienced hiring opportunities. This application offers extensively detailed search and highly personalized recommendations for potential jobs. The current user base includes Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American professionals and students. New users sign up by creating a profile viewable to recruiters at companies using the platform. Jopwell's mission is to end the minority employment gap plaguing the U.S. "Through research and interviews with high level human resources executives, we determined that the three biggest barriers to increasing diversity at large companies are inadequate marketing, an untapped pipeline to underrepresented talent, and a lack of resources for diversity efforts,"  said Ryan Williams, co-founder and president of Jopwell. "We developed our technology to overcome these obstacles and help companies make the methods through which they increase their diversity more effective and efficient."


Jopwell for partner companies

Customizable Company Profiles

Organizations can share information about their company and available job opportunities to a specific audience of talented, diverse, job seekers. Rather than blanketing general recruitment sites with their efforts to increase diversity, they can customize their initiatives to a select pool.

Direct Communication

Jopwell increases recruitment efficiency by facilitating direct communication between HR personnel and potential hires.

A Searchable Pipeline

Through Jopwell's proprietary platform, companies have access to a searchable pool of top-tier, diverse candidates representing varied backgrounds, interests, and skills.

Detailed Candidate Profiles

Jopwell helps companies make informed decisions by providing a more in-depth look at each candidate.


Jopwell for diverse candidates

The Power of Access

Job seekers connect and communicate with recruiters right from their computers.

Available Opportunities

Jopwell lists available job opportunities for internships, entry-level, and experienced positions directly on the employer page.

User Profile

Users can create a free profile in under five minutes that does more than just showcase their resumes—it allows them to tell their stories and differentiate themselves.


Jopwell gives candidates the opportunity to learn about a variety of industries and companies, and their diversity efforts, all in one place. The platform also provides access to career resources and tailored professional events

A Focus on Diversity

Jopwell seeks out partners that understand that diversity in the workforce leads to stronger companies. Diverse candidates can have confidence that their new employers know the value they bring to the table. Source



Extraordinary difference in time zones between the USA and Lithuania brought challenges for the adaptation period for the teams to communicate efficiently. Collaboration with Jopwell started with CCT working as a separate unit with a distinct goal and tasks. However, over time both teams were merged together which led to both teams working together synchronically towards the common goal. Today CCT is involved in discussions with management, design teams and engineers from Jopwell.

Jopwell team is one of the most open and friendly teams of all. They’re open to have discussions and listen to new ideas. We regularly hold tech knowledge sharing sessions. Successful collaboration between teams is crucial for project success especially given the different time zones.



When we started working with Jopwell, we identified a number of major differences in coding culture: style, standards, technologies, processes and understanding of services. It took us multiple sessions to establish a common ground and find the best solution beneficial.

Jopwell is a huge application, initially containing a lot of legacy code and dependencies which were not easy to grasp at first. On top of that the project was lacking back-end test coverage.

The client used old python and django versions, so our team had to catch up and quickly grasp form creation library Formik, model managers, and extensive material UI component library. We quickly learned Tai technology that prepared code in the server to increase loading time.

Different Time Zone - our team had to adjust to the client's schedule to be able to capture requirements for the upcoming functionalities.



Jopwell turned to CCT with the goal to perform a major redesign project, including home page, candidate profile pages and major system redesign with additional new functionalities. We solved unstructured design problems by introducing design version control and centralization platform.

Redesign project was followed by the implementation of new models such as Client Side Tracker, Messaging etc. This also led us to refactoring the majority of the old modules and get rid of old fast/legacy code as a result.

CCT updated and introduced newer libraries, increased unit test coverage for models, signals and celery tasks. We also performed an audit for client’s code.



Despite a challenging start, our teams managed to sync together and grew into a one effective unified team. CCT team is happy that our tech opinion is heard and that we are trusted with the main functionalities of the system. Jopwell engineering team is very professional and open for discussion which led this project to succeed.







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