SCARD is world class technology company creating top quality mobile ticket management solutions for loyalty, lottery & charity products.

The challenge

SCARD turned to Corner Case Technologies to bring their vision alive. As a business, they needed to offer their clients a fully configurable solution to fulfill their needs. They needed a solution that would have infinite scalability possibilities.

The solution

SCARD is a single solution for loyalty, lottery and charity. SCARD software is certified and tested to meet security and performance requirements and is designed for infinite scalability possibilities.

When SCARD presented the requirements for the software product, we stepped in to help simplify their proposed flow while still enabling them to achieve their end goals. This also led to improving end user experience as they no longer needed to login to participate in a lottery. The core function of the software was configuration capabilities. Our solution offers full configuration – from look-and-feel for each client to digital or physical prizes.

Today SCARD can offer high quality mobile scratch card technology that is tested, certified and perfectly balanced for smartphone generation.


  • Python
  • React
  • Postgres