Inform Debtor

Inform Debtor revolutionises debt collection on a global scale. It allows you to manage debt in an easy, quick and affordable way by managing communications, documents and providing borderless access to 3rd party debt collection agencies.

The challenge

Having developed their first product version (MVP), the Inform Debtor creators had a working, but poorly developed solution. They needed a partner to develop the solution from scratch and ensure the code was secure, maintainable, robust and scalable. More importantly the owners needed a partner they could trust and who would work not only to write the code, but to develop the concept, drive the product roadmap, and engage with both prospective clients and investors.

They reached out to Corner Case Technologies to develop a fully scalable product with capability to integrate Inform Debtor to any CRM, accounting, or business management systems

The solution

Corner Case Technologies built a fully scalable product from scratch. The SaaS solution provides a portal view for service providers to manage their debts. It shows the status of each debt, manages automated document upload, enables communications with the client by email and SMS, and if required connects the debt owner with 3rd party providers globally to auction the debt on.


  • Python
  • React.JS
  • PostgreSQL