A marketplace for construction equipment and tools

The challenge

Clusco founders come from construction industry and know the key pain-points their partners, clients and employees are facing on a daily basis. Inspiration from the popular sharing platforms and insights from construction market professionals, allowed to develop a concept for this unique product that could be easily scalable through the European countries. They came to us with the idea for a tech product – called Clusco – that will change the way you can rent your idle equipment or find and book the tools you need in one platform. Clusco needed a tech partner to develop the solution from scratch and ensure the code was secure, maintainable, robust and scalable. More importantly, the founders needed a partner they could trust and who would work not only to write the code, but to develop the concept, drive the product roadmap, and engage with prospective clients and investors.


The solution

Clusco combines all necessary features – for clients, equipment owners, and operators – all in one application. Adapted to responsive design and applications for iOS and Android, making it accessible from the vast amount of mobile devices on the market.

For clients, Clusco brings an easy way to search: they can select the search radius using integrated Google services and find the nearest equipment available. Equipment owners can upload their items they want to “employ”. Using a calendar functionality, they can easily manage the dates and times the item is available for bookings. To ensure smooth communication between two parties, users can exchange direct messages with equipment owners and get real-time notifications after each change in their request status. Finally, to better serve clients’ needs, we’ve built Operators app for iOS and Android. Equipment owners that often times are companies can create operator accounts and assign orders to employees. Operator app enables them to manage requests and track equipment rental time in the construction site.




  • ReactJS
  • Django
  • React Native