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The challange

LayerV had industry leading experience in Cloud Security. In order to maintain the highest security standards LayerV wanted absolute assurance that the delivered solutions were to specification, and avoided dangerous security configuration drift. Additionally audits were a constant: internally from the security team, externally as part of ISO27001 and on behalf of their clients, many of which were regulated.

LayerV had a high-level conceptual requirement for an automated audit and compliance solution, to be built as a SaaS platform.

The solution

Together with their cloud, security and compliance architects, our team has helped develop their Continuous Compliance dashboard which integrates a combination of best-in-class third-party tools alongside LayerV’s bespoke development for public and private cloud hosting capabilities. The Continuous Compliance platform provides 360 degree regulatory comprehensive coverage and a 24/7/365 incident reaction as well as management capability to ensure the best possible security and compliance is always enforced.


  • Python
  • React.JS
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mongo